Company Profile
In 1979, it entered the logistics, oil and trade sectors under the name of Demirbilek Group. Established in Hatay, our company continued to raise the quality bar with the title of Demirbilek Group.
Our company renews itself in parallel with the developments in many cities of our country, school, lodging, administration building, dining hall, kitchen, restoration and repair business in the sector has successfully signed.
Our company has implemented projects in the field with its knowledge and experience from the past.
Our mission
Like every company, Demirbilek's aim is to grow. Demirbilek will maintain growth in a balance and above all while maintaining its reliability.
Our quality policy
By following all economic and technological developments in the national field, by adapting the newest management, production and service techniques to our company, improving the quality of service and production, creating high quality awareness in all personnel, raising their knowledge and skills through trainings, adopting the principle of teamwork and thus contributing to continuous improvement activities. to increase the customer satisfaction by ensuring the effective implementation and continuous development of the quality management system in our company. The principle of our company's quality policy is to ensure the happiness of the employees, the satisfaction of the customers, the leading of the company, and the quality production and service that are sensitive to the social environment.
Our Environmental Policy
Providing the necessary training opportunities for all our staff and subcontractors, ensuring their conscious participation in the system, to protect natural resources, to minimize the amount of waste, to prevent soil, air, water pollution and to take necessary measures to improve recovery, to be used in the selection of materials and technology to be used, the safest and the most compatible with the environment to try to use.
Demirbilek Group OHS Policy
Our company considers occupational health and safety activities as one of the main topics of its activities, not as a legal obligation, and believes that all work accidents and occupational diseases can be prevented if necessary precautions are taken.
In this context, in addition to fulfilling the legislative obligations during our operations, we undertake to make maximum efforts to create a healthy and safe work environment, to implement the continuous education model to improve the health and safety awareness of its employees, and to work to prevent occupational accidents and occupational diseases.
It is our company's responsibility to protect our guests who work in our projects, our subcontractors and suppliers, our interns and our workplaces in terms of health and safety.
It is our primary goal to comply with national and international occupational health and safety regulations and legal and administrative regulations, to cooperate with such organizations, to take measures to prevent occupational accidents and occupational diseases and to ensure a safe and healthy working environment with the participation of all employees.
Our primary aim is to ensure the sustainability of positive occupational health and safety culture by continuously improving our occupational health and safety performance.


Provides solutions for the design of houses.


Projects are delivered timely and flawlessly.


Professional team offering the stages of the project.


As Demirbilek Group, we are able to achieve the most perfect in every sector in which we operate, by following the domestic and international competitiveness approach. achieve perfection.