Water Tank

There are many types of water tanks according to different needs of people.
Briefly; There are many types of tanks, including concrete, stainless steel, polyester and polyethylene water tanks. When water types are compared, polyester water tanks and polyethylene water tanks are used frequently. There are many reasons why these warehouses are preferred. Polyester water tanks and polyethylene water tanks are the reasons why they are preferred:
Polyester water tanks and polyethylene water tanks are produced from raw material that will not cause health problems.
Compared to other types of water reservoirs, the rates of algae and bacteria production are almost negligible.
Internal cleaning of water tank products is very simple and fast.
It provides full protection against risks such as freezing of water tanks.
Polyester water tanks and polyethylene water tanks are resistant to cracking and cracking due to their durable and flexible structures.
Our water tank types can be produced in desired sizes and quantities according to demand.


Fire PumpsNis 1, 2019

The pumps used in fire fighting are designed and selected to meet the pressure and the required flow rate at the previously calculated water outlets by defeating the installation resistances during the fire.

Pressure Tank SystemsNis 1, 2019

Boosters are used in buildings, flats, villas, high-rise buildings and high-rise buildings in order to meet the pressurized water demand from mains water or warehouses where mains water pressure is not sufficient.

ElbowsNis 1, 2019

It is one of the materials commonly used in water installation flooring.

PPRC PipesNis 1, 2019

PPRC is the abbreviation of ”polypropylene random copolymer P. It is also known as plastic pipes and parts in the sector.

PVC Joint PipesAra 10, 2018

Duplex waste water pipes and fittings meet your wastewater discharge requirements in your buildings with length options in the range of 50 - 315 mm diameter and 150 - 6000 mm.

PVC PipesAra 4, 2018

PVC pipe can be used safely to remove wastewater from building.