Exterior Paints

Exterior paints are used to paint the exterior of the buildings. You can give your building the shape you want by using exterior paints.
The importance of the choice of paint for the interiors of the houses as well as the choice of building exterior paint is also important in terms of both aesthetics and durability. When choosing the exterior paint, climatic conditions of the building and the characteristics of the building should be taken into consideration. Moisture and water resistant paints should be preferred in areas where excessive rainfall occurs. In such climates, silicone paints may be preferred. Light colored paint should be used in areas with low rainfall and in areas under heavy sun.


Decorative PaintsNis 1, 2019

In recent years, decorative paint is also used frequently in our country.

Interior Wall PaintsKas 22, 2018

Colors can be selected in accordance with the user's wishes thanks to the interior paints that allow the interior facades to be painted in the buildings.