Ceramic Adhesive

It offers a wide range of vertical and non-slip products that can be used both indoors and outdoors, horizontally and vertically, with strong adhesion strengths.

Depending on the properties and the size of the ceramic, marble and granites to be applied, you will find a ceramic adhesive product that is suitable for your application on the basis of the floor and conditions of use, whether you need a long working time or fast setting, in a wide range of products.


Aerated ConcreteNis 1, 2019

Aerated concrete is a light wall mesh material that has become the choice of construction in the modern world.

PumiceNis 1, 2019

In recent years, especially in heat and sound insulation in the construction industry, as a result of the advantages of low self-mass, a commonly used natural material as a result of volcanism, bims, crystallized, porous, spongy, physical and chemical resistant material against the factors.

Granite AdhesivesNis 1, 2019

Cement based, special grain filler is a single component high performance adhesive mortar with chemical additives that increase product performance and workability.

Marble AdhesivesNis 1, 2019

Polyester based, two component, thixotropic adhesive. Suitable for vertical and vertical applications.

Plaster MaterialsNis 1, 2019

There are all kinds of materials used in the construction of plaster.

ConcreteMar 26, 2019

We export the concrete used safely in the buildings.

CementKas 4, 2018

The word y cement y is derived from the Latin ındaki caementum t meaning chipped stone crumb.

BrickEki 29, 2018

Block bricks are used as a non-bearing wall filling material.

PlasterEki 23, 2018

Gypsum made of gypsum, which is cooked and powdered, has a rapid freezing feature when mixed with water.

Sand and GravelEki 17, 2018

Sand and gravel are also non-organic materials, which are also referred to as aggregate in the construction sector, which are divided into specific classes of grains and divided into natural and crushed.

IronEki 11, 2018

We are trading the rebar with TSE 708 quality such as s420, s500 and STIIIA used in construction.