Partition Walls

The dynamic commercial life forces us to keep up with the same dynamism as the architectural structure of our working environments and common spaces.

For this purpose, considering the requirements and possible changes in the design of the spaces and components, the modular and movable partition wall systems have been used instead of the wall in the classical sense. These systems, which facilitate the obtaining of different volumes with their demounting and transportability characteristics, respond to the changes in the function in the fastest way possible and contribute to the architecture with their aesthetic advantages.


Decorative CeilingsNis 1, 2019

It will be in place to say that there is no more concrete and concrete ceilings.

Stretch CeilingNis 1, 2019

Tension ceilings are made of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) copolymers with high technology, fire resistant, acoustic, aesthetic, decorative structure and lighting element.

Suspended Ceiling SystemsŞub 8, 2019

The suspended ceiling consists of a carrier system and stone wool, metal, etc., made to provide a decorative appearance, sound and heat insulation.